Longtime Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences senior executive Ric Robertson and veteran entertainment journalist and PR executive Jonathan Taylor have formed Robertson Taylor Partners, a strategic consulting firm. We provide our select clients with valuable, practical guidance in such areas as awards strategy and implementation, targeted, effective public relations and communications campaigns and additional business management and brand-building efforts that help them thrive in a fast-changing business environment.

During our years facing and solving the variety of challenges that entertainment, media and other businesses encounter – from management and marketing to communications and strategy — we've seen it all, from perspectives that many traditional consultants don’t have. We provide informed, insightful and successful long-term strategy and planning perspectives. We also roll up our sleeves and provide vital reinforcements should your team simply lack the bandwidth to deal with projects or issues effectively.

With our diverse, complementary experience and expertise, we offer useful skills for a wide variety of circumstances. Consider: 

  • At Robertson Taylor Partners we know the awards process, as well as entertainment and media events, from all perspectives— from submitting and campaigning for the major film and TV awards, to security, talent relations, generating positive media coverage and more. Ric Robertson is a veteran of more than 30 Oscar seasons, having run point on the ground and in the entire run-up to the show for months prior. Jonathan Taylor managed multiple awards sections for the Los Angeles Times, Variety, and Awardsline/Deadline: the leading consumer, trade, and online publication, respectively. Our experience encompasses the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, SAG and more. Knowing how they work from the inside and how they're covered by the media gives us a particularly rich vein of insights. It's insight at the granular level— understanding how internal processes and rules work, how voting is really conducted (including how hard it is to "game" the results), what the producers look for in televised shows, and more. Awards are the core of our business, but they're still only one part if the range oof leadership, communications and growth expertise we offer.
  • Employing Ric's extensive experience in leadership of a high-profile but challenging organization and Jonathan's public relations, communications and strategic assessment skills, Robertson Taylor Partners has the knowledge base to help companies deal effectively and efficiently with crises. These can range from internal squabbles to fundamental, existential challenges. We know from experience how to counter bad press, angry clients and vendors or unwanted inquires from official agencies. Using common sense, diligent attention to core issues and an ability to deal with antagonistic individuals, we can turn problems into opportunities, headaches into relief. And yes, we know how to counsel clients effectively with even the most high-profile challenges, such as snafus on live television.
  • Using those same skills, Robertson Taylor Partners assists major entertainment companies seeking to capitalize the rapid changes in the marketplace. We offer thoughtful, reasonable guidance on adapting to a changing environment, and can provide results-driven leadership by identifying trends and opportunities that even skilled inside executives might miss. We also have the communications expertise and key contacts that can then help tell your company's story.
  • We also provide unmatched insights for new companies seeking a foothold in the industry, offering management and leadership reinforcement, key message building and mission guidance. We help executives refine and define their ambitions for their organization, and then use our extensive hands-on experience to test operational strategy and tactics against those ambitions. We can help maneuver the churning waters that come with producing creative products for a demanding and fickle audience. We create a bridge to the wisdom of established successes and the flood of opportunities created by new technologies. This ranges from advisory board contributions to corporate communications and PR management, whether working with in-house teams or providing full service.
  • We are uniquely positioned to help non-profit institutions, government agencies, and entertainment guilds and associates accomplish their goals and pursue their mission-based objectives with focus and efficiency. Is everything you're doing as a company aligned with your overall goals? Are the roles of key stakeholders— including boards, executives, and staff— clearly defined and alined with the overall mission? Using a forensic approach, we work with these enterprises to analyze their operations and ensure they're operating as efficiently as possible.